Finally — a Moment to Think…

Very loud. Very crowded. Very raucous and busy. That’s Edinburgh at Festival time!

The locals have a love/hate relationship with the Festival. It certainly has put Edinburgh on the map as a world-wide tourist destination. But the central part of the city is crowded 24/7 almost the entire month of August. Hard to walk down the sidewalk, or grab a quick bite, or run an errand in city center.

We’ve been here a week and have taken advantage of everything we could. We’ve seen a couple of shows, walked miles and miles (best day was 18,353 steps and that doesn’t count the day we climbed Arthur’s Seat, the steep hill above Edinburgh — my Fitbit battery was dead…), shopped, been to numerous museums, darted in and out of small closes and wynds, watched the street buskers and performers, and strolled through a few green parks.

But difficult to get perspective enough to write a blog post without taking a few hours to think about all we’ve experienced in one short week.

Trying to gain perspective reminds me of walking through Edinburgh. Darting through crowds, trying to keep my footing as numerous groups head towards me, attempting not to trip (and break any bones!) on the very uneven sidewalks and cobblestones, brought up short at a stoplight, mustering patience as I wait for the “little green man” walk sign, looking up and….

Seeing a spectacular view from the center of the city all the way out to the Firth of Forth or even the North Sea!

Perspective — stop, take a breath, look up — sometimes the very act will bring events into perspective, provide a greater vision than you had a moment before…even if you’re not in Edinburgh!

“If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him” (James 1.5).






2 thoughts on “Finally — a Moment to Think…”

  1. Good word to us today, Judie! Yes, we need to look up even as we try to keep our footing on uneven ground . . . physically and spiritually! (By the way, we missed you today as Mary, Renee, Shelly, and I met. We prayed for you! May your days be blessed!)


  2. I am loving your wisdom of taking a deep breath—it’s been that kind of day for me at the Geek Squad. Blessings son the journey—beautiful pictures so far!


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