About the Author

I am a follower of Jesus, avid reader, wife, gardener, English major, mother of three, baker, created in God’s image, walker, cook, pastor….

I also am somewhat of a homebody. I love pottering around my house, baking bread in the winter and gardening when the weather allows. I don’t crave excitement or a change of scenery every hour. But I also know that being knocked out of my comfort zone is good for me. I have learned to depend more on God in my travels than almost any other time.

The first time my husband Dan and I led the “England Term” semester abroad, we were a lot younger. That was in 1991. Our two sons were 6 and 8 years old and our daughter was about 10 weeks old!! Every student had to pack about 10 disposable diapers for us. Disposable diapers were hard to come by and very expensive in Europe at that time)! They thanked us afterwards, of course, when they actually had room in their suitcases for souvenirs once the diapers were gone!

We have maintained long term relationships with many of the students who travelled with us in the past. We enjoy having dinner with students and their spouses and lively little children, hearing them say to us above the din: “How did you ever travel so long with your kids when they were so young?!”

Such travel certainly has taught us a lot  — patience, living in community, having a sense of humor, forgiveness and grace, and dependence on God’s provision and protection.This will be our fifth England Term trip with students (1991, 2000, 2009, 2015).We’ve gone from urging students to take off their cassette “Walkman” headphones to warning students about the dangers of distraction from constant digital data and social media (“Be where you are NOW and be with the people you are actually WITH”). In 2000 we made fun of the people on the street in Dublin talking loudly on their cell phones, trying to locate friends in a large crowd (Europeans were a bit ahead of us in mobile usage!). Now we can’t imagine a trip without mobile technology, however much of a challenge it creates in many other ways.

So please join us on this next journey — “follow” us (you should see a link when you hover your cursor off to the side of the blog) and if you choose, you’ll receive an email when I publish a new post! And keep us in your prayers as we learn to get along with each other and trust God for the rest.